SwissChills- 4

After lots of front and back thoughts, discussions and arguments on how we do it; finally we made it to Jungfraujoch. I specially would prefer to say without any of us not being as stupid as us it might have not made possible 😀 . A group of four, each from different parts of world. 3 of us met in Zürich aday before starting our travel into the Alpine mountains. To meet out 4 th wheel to start the whole ride smoothly.


Day1: We all made sure we meet at zürich bahnhof (Central station/HB) indeed I am the last one to arrive last at 22:45. But both my friends very kindly waited and accompanied me to my hostel , CITY BACKPACKER – ZÜRICH – SWITZERLAND,Niederdorfstrasse 5. Its is just 10 mins walking distance from zürich HB. Also, it is the best place to stay for people who love to stick close to the most happening parts of the city for young and old. The hostel is surrounded by the lots of cafes, restaurants, pubcrawl and well connecting public transport tramstation closely at 150-200 m distance Rudolf-Brun-Brücke/Rathaus.After latenight chattings and hanging out we all went back to our rooms deciding to meet at HB around 9:30 am to catch a train towards Interlaken via Bern.

20180217_103150.jpgDay2: As we decided we met at HB close to 10 and caught the train to Bern and then to Interlaken reaching around 12:30 pm then we waited to meet our last member who is arriving from Geneva via Bern in the next train. Once he arrived we all went to have lunch at Hooters restaurant where boys enjoyed a little just like as old times. Lunch table is filled with lots of old memory discussions about evening chai samosa stories and very predictable inside jokes etc.,.


After all the drama we checked into the airbnb where the host cannot manage to speak English but lucky that someof us managed to make out the keycode told by host in German. We finally settled in and then decided to do a walking tour by ourselves. We walked around into the wilderness around atleast we thought so we are in interlaken when we ended up in the opposite way we actually thought of at Wilderswil, small town . It took almost exhaustion and our health bands blasted with the footsteps enough for aweek to realise that we are in wrong place instead of Ruine weissenau we are at Ruine unspunnen. On the way we saw beautiful up and down streams where we remembered the famous wrong turn movie series and had fun. We also crossed the brewery name Rugen bräu and horse stables. Return home made us realise need for rest leading to the pubcrawl in chilling Interlaken midtown. On our way, a stop at the station to make sure we are all set to leave for next day trip to Jungfraujoch. Half fare cards from SBB are supersavers from loosing lots, Its valid for a month within switzerland Make sure you get one when you go (anywhere You buy a ticket, can be half price of its original price).


Day3: Here comes,Our final trip started from Interlaken west to Interlaken Ost then to Lauterbraunen.In Lauterbraunen we took half anhour to take walk around and clicked pictures then hopped on to the train up towards wengen through Kleine Scheidegg. Then finally made our way to Jungfraujoch.



Finally all our sighingon swisschills reached all time high and suddenly it became the best moment we made in our lifebook.Switzerland has many mountains and one of that highest peak is known as Jungfrau.Standing at 3,454 metres above sea level makes us feel woohooo……One will never forget the chills of that moment. Unsurprisingly we are quite surrounded by Chinese travellers so we managed to get a picture for all of us with a help of chinese co traveller.This memory would last for all four of us probably we might plan to have another one when we all enter our silver age.  So cheers to four of us and on the way back as usual already started planning our next itenary to make more memories before we all get stuck in the pipeline of individual lives.

Day4: Finally we all caught the trains back to home afterhaving tummy full Indian food at Golden India Restaurant in Grindelwald.

LETS GET AWAY Atleast once  in 6 months. Human brain calls for unpolluted fresh mountain breeze.(Atleast mine does)

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Picture Credits: siddhartha V, G.S.R. bhuvan , K. Shankar Acharya, Anonymous Chinese Traveller.


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