Crisp of 26 years

Life is ecstatic when and where it will take you can only be anticipated.  The longest I lived in a place is with my parents so far for 17 years in a delta town. Thats before I started my university education in a city with a beautiful coastal drives also bays trapped in middle of Eastern ghats. Although the city is named as city of Destiny( Visakhapatnam)it couldnt stand before my destiny to trap me no longer than four years. But it threw my heart into a trap of love for its serene environment thus becoming a pitstop holiday home forever. An little more than a year ago I was living in the city which is full of traffic jams, lots of lights, loud noises and mouthwatering flavours of delicious food. That city has been my precious stop of life choice where i found purpose of my soul. I grewup listening to allsorts of stories in broadspectrum ranging from mythical to scandalous world we are in from 80 year old great grandfather. Those stories always had a great impact of my imagination towards perception of everything around. Though I had a great pressure to be good at math because of having great deal of family in mathematics I choose science as my favourite. My immense rejection to accept anything without logical explanations made me ask questions and  drove me to choose research. Thus last few years became searching answers. Also  I  dont mean to make villiany stickers this is just an expression of mindstate from 10 years ago.So my parents kinda forced me to be an engineer when i lacked experience of making career choices. Thus my father made a pick of making me a geo engineer. Those four university years gave me oppurtunity to self invent myself agony and see the bigger picture. Instead of living a routine software and trophylife, I chose to question and run for answers. Also during sametime the best happened to me is the  “V.S.Krishna Central Library”where i spent most of my time reading and dwelling through tons of irrelevant books for curriculum  but to the lifesources. I saw many people saying they are always dreamed and did nothing but to reach ultimate of what today they have; I have no such expectations ever so my life never stopped amazing me. The biggest surge Change in my life was January 2016. By december 2015 my life felt suffocating and irrelevant then what to call a lucky charm or fairyangel came into my life along with the best people who never exactly had any clue what i am( nooffense people its irrelevant to mention everyone here; so dont hate me) but indefinitely stood by me. 

Within couple of months, my longterm soul question is answered that is my soul is passionate spree which shouldnot be trapped. So i realised i should free my trapped soul resulting in application for summerschool in far far farther from home in midst of Atlantic ocean. August 2016 in Azores happened with the impeccable support of the most empathetic people I ever met at “PCT trust“. The trust came forward with moral and economic support resulting in a successful 15 days  summer trip to Angra do heroismo, on a portugese Terceira island in Europe. Especially the person behind the greater motivation never uttered a question but only encouraged with lesser words and more action. The travel support from them played a great role in my confidence boost. Also the experience from this trip had a great impact on my perception towards career and life in world otherthan my hollow world I have been living in india. I realised to wideopen my cornered opinions towards the opportunity the grand world gave us. As the change of phases in life already started things fell in spiral and brought me an oppurtunity to pursue my science career at University of Oslo.

 My life taught me to never predict particular direction but only anticipate strongly. Change is inevitable whatever circumstances are only thing is to be smarter at times to be the survivor.

This crisp of my life is just to share brief trends in ones life. Everyone has theirs; be imaginative; never be trapped in momentary self satisfaction.

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