On my way to city of destiny

Here I introduce myself to a freak of life. I always dreamt of life to be different from everyother example around me as I m scared of living combusted so aimed of living on feeding over other planets for example moon,Mars and Venus. Now at a point of my life when something worst comes up my way I m just running back to those ways which once I m scared of. So now I m finding my way back to my unknown destined in an unpredictable way by depending on a independent way. Occasionally I feel like screaming at my own people who always like peeping into my own private space where I only exist that not peekin &poke rather to stay away, dare youu peep through. Now on I m building my strength to live in my own way which I m in trench in. So for now I hoping for all goodness that almighty bless on for every other human.good night.


posted from travel to Venus from moon via mars

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