Mysterious on mars—are they estuarine origin???


Through the eyes of Context camera
Through the eyes of Context camera of MRO (NASA)

As there is something like a hypothesis that mars contained an ocean once; who knows nobody seen dat except who imagined it..Tiu Valles is located at approximately 27° North and 330° East. This also located at the outflow end of valles marineris, the great grand canyon of mars. Also in between chryse planitia and Ares valles. Here there are lots of speculation on truth behind the Martian oceans. Now coming to the ideas and clues in support of this mars northern lowlands contained oceans once are need to be thoroughed. As there need to be lots of coastal geomorphology to be studied as of now few sedimentary layers and ridges in polar areas proved the glacier as well water activity. But there are no best beach or estuarine locations not clearly and are merely scarce to observe. Here by now of Tiu valles shows some evidence so looked into it. Here some interesting features looking like esturine ridges (Skeptical word) are observed.

As already we know Tiu Valles originates in the equatorial chaotic terrains at the mouth, at the eastern end of Valles Marineris. The morphology of this chaotic terrain is dominated by large-scale remnant massifs, which are large relief masses that have been moved and weathered as a block. These are randomly oriented and heavily eroded.Location map of Tiu valles Ridges

An idea on these eye-catching unusual features — is that during floods, water or water-rich surface layers came in contact with lava from the surrounding areas, which then might have led to the formation of these mysterious ridges. (

One more idea– Are they some kind of Oceanic ridges left over under the ocean as of there are lots of volcanic activity remenants next to valles marineris and under the arabia terra. Or are they lobate flows??

HRSC - Mars express
HRSC – Mars express

Are there aliens who made those to live like palm. A 11 year old school boy asked me this when he looked at sitting next to me. Amazing kids are too bright to learn science. Always amazingly excited to so science.

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