Fantasy turned fiction to reality…….So Rosetta said bye bye to Philae

My dear Rosetta i am so happy that you finished 75% of your journey and reached the comet and said bye bye to philae. Its long way for you from way back on march 2004. I admire your patience to reach and cross the targets as well as overcoming the hurdles and critics. Now i will tell you that same time when you started your journey and left our mother earth i m still in school and in my 9th grade. Now i reached a stage where i started and understanding about for which you have been sent long so.i wish you all the luck for your travel across the inner solar system along with the comet 67P/Churyumov-Gerasimenko.Oh dear let me tell them why i love you this much is the Speciality of comet study which you are going to do.

Comets are considered the primitive building blocks of the Solar System, and likely helped ‘seed’ the Earth with water, and maybe even life. By studying the nature of the comet’s dust and gas, Rosetta will help scientists learn more about the role of comets in the evolution of the Solar System.Rosetta convey my regards to philae which made you properly be in your track and ask him to send the information from the surface and subsurface science of the churyumov. Keep a check on your health still you have to go long way. Mean while i want your VIRTIS an eye of you to see myself on I know you will……Because itssssssssssssssssssss …you my Rosetta…………..

As Tomek Bagiński’s short film Ambition makes clear, it is the essence of what it means to be human, to attempt difficult things, to reach for seemingly impossible goals, to learn, adapt and evolve.

ESA i love your team which made this historic landing. Now we are proud to have chance to know how a comet travels and also its physics,chemistry and mother toungue 😉 :). And invite it to us in

2061: Odyssey Three

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