Is it habitable mars???—Lookslike so!!!!

Mars shows evidences of huge paleofluvial environment. These evidence came from various mission datas confirming the amateur greek and european astronomers guesses. They believed the existence of martian civilizations as of the telescopic observations revealing huge channels and assumed to be still water bearing. Our Mars missions made it confirmed that there is fluvial activity but still till date no evidence of biological existence. Henceforth, there had been huge study to understand th emartian fluvial history and search on track for groundwater potential zones too. Most of the martian chaos are believed to be sapping zones potentially. Here i put a question to my self  if we see now on mars there are lots of canyons/valles which are abruptly arising somewhere in the plain areas or what the science calls as low lying areas of crater floors and flowing into the surrounding low lying and forming fans. How do they form and what way drove them to form such a fans. Here is an example of my question!!!!!!!!!!!!


Common Martians Look at it and explore to find our way there :)
Common Martians Look at it and explore to find our way there 🙂

Ok Done for today

gotta make a move.

will come with new science question tomorrow.

Oh its Friday…..Better days are coming. They are called Saturday and Sunday.

Hope You all have blast.

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