SwissChills- 4

After lots of front and back thoughts, discussions and arguments on how we do it; finally we made it to Jungfraujoch. I specially would prefer to say without any of us not being as stupid as us it might have not made possible 😀 . A group of four, each from different parts of world. 3 of us met in Zürich aday before starting our travel into the Alpine mountains. To meet out 4 th wheel to start the whole ride smoothly.


Day1: We all made sure we meet at zürich bahnhof (Central station/HB) indeed I am the last one to arrive last at 22:45. But both my friends very kindly waited and accompanied me to my hostel , CITY BACKPACKER – ZÜRICH – SWITZERLAND,Niederdorfstrasse 5. Its is just 10 mins walking distance from zürich HB. Also, it is the best place to stay for people who love to stick close to the most happening parts of the city for young and old. The hostel is surrounded by the lots of cafes, restaurants, pubcrawl and well connecting public transport tramstation closely at 150-200 m distance Rudolf-Brun-Brücke/Rathaus.After latenight chattings and hanging out we all went back to our rooms deciding to meet at HB around 9:30 am to catch a train towards Interlaken via Bern.

20180217_103150.jpgDay2: As we decided we met at HB close to 10 and caught the train to Bern and then to Interlaken reaching around 12:30 pm then we waited to meet our last member who is arriving from Geneva via Bern in the next train. Once he arrived we all went to have lunch at Hooters restaurant where boys enjoyed a little just like as old times. Lunch table is filled with lots of old memory discussions about evening chai samosa stories and very predictable inside jokes etc.,.


After all the drama we checked into the airbnb where the host cannot manage to speak English but lucky that someof us managed to make out the keycode told by host in German. We finally settled in and then decided to do a walking tour by ourselves. We walked around into the wilderness around atleast we thought so we are in interlaken when we ended up in the opposite way we actually thought of at Wilderswil, small town . It took almost exhaustion and our health bands blasted with the footsteps enough for aweek to realise that we are in wrong place instead of Ruine weissenau we are at Ruine unspunnen. On the way we saw beautiful up and down streams where we remembered the famous wrong turn movie series and had fun. We also crossed the brewery name Rugen bräu and horse stables. Return home made us realise need for rest leading to the pubcrawl in chilling Interlaken midtown. On our way, a stop at the station to make sure we are all set to leave for next day trip to Jungfraujoch. Half fare cards from SBB are supersavers from loosing lots, Its valid for a month within switzerland Make sure you get one when you go (anywhere You buy a ticket, can be half price of its original price).


Day3: Here comes,Our final trip started from Interlaken west to Interlaken Ost then to Lauterbraunen.In Lauterbraunen we took half anhour to take walk around and clicked pictures then hopped on to the train up towards wengen through Kleine Scheidegg. Then finally made our way to Jungfraujoch.



Finally all our sighingon swisschills reached all time high and suddenly it became the best moment we made in our lifebook.Switzerland has many mountains and one of that highest peak is known as Jungfrau.Standing at 3,454 metres above sea level makes us feel woohooo……One will never forget the chills of that moment. Unsurprisingly we are quite surrounded by Chinese travellers so we managed to get a picture for all of us with a help of chinese co traveller.This memory would last for all four of us probably we might plan to have another one when we all enter our silver age.  So cheers to four of us and on the way back as usual already started planning our next itenary to make more memories before we all get stuck in the pipeline of individual lives.

Day4: Finally we all caught the trains back to home afterhaving tummy full Indian food at Golden India Restaurant in Grindelwald.

LETS GET AWAY Atleast once  in 6 months. Human brain calls for unpolluted fresh mountain breeze.(Atleast mine does)

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Picture Credits: siddhartha V, G.S.R. bhuvan , K. Shankar Acharya, Anonymous Chinese Traveller.


Crisp of 26 years

Life is ecstatic when and where it will take you can only be anticipated.  The longest I lived in a place is with my parents so far for 17 years in a delta town. Thats before I started my university education in a city with a beautiful coastal drives also bays trapped in middle of Eastern ghats. Although the city is named as city of Destiny( Visakhapatnam)it couldnt stand before my destiny to trap me no longer than four years. But it threw my heart into a trap of love for its serene environment thus becoming a pitstop holiday home forever. An little more than a year ago I was living in the city which is full of traffic jams, lots of lights, loud noises and mouthwatering flavours of delicious food. That city has been my precious stop of life choice where i found purpose of my soul. I grewup listening to allsorts of stories in broadspectrum ranging from mythical to scandalous world we are in from 80 year old great grandfather. Those stories always had a great impact of my imagination towards perception of everything around. Though I had a great pressure to be good at math because of having great deal of family in mathematics I choose science as my favourite. My immense rejection to accept anything without logical explanations made me ask questions and  drove me to choose research. Thus last few years became searching answers. Also  I  dont mean to make villiany stickers this is just an expression of mindstate from 10 years ago.So my parents kinda forced me to be an engineer when i lacked experience of making career choices. Thus my father made a pick of making me a geo engineer. Those four university years gave me oppurtunity to self invent myself agony and see the bigger picture. Instead of living a routine software and trophylife, I chose to question and run for answers. Also during sametime the best happened to me is the  “V.S.Krishna Central Library”where i spent most of my time reading and dwelling through tons of irrelevant books for curriculum  but to the lifesources. I saw many people saying they are always dreamed and did nothing but to reach ultimate of what today they have; I have no such expectations ever so my life never stopped amazing me. The biggest surge Change in my life was January 2016. By december 2015 my life felt suffocating and irrelevant then what to call a lucky charm or fairyangel came into my life along with the best people who never exactly had any clue what i am( nooffense people its irrelevant to mention everyone here; so dont hate me) but indefinitely stood by me. 

Within couple of months, my longterm soul question is answered that is my soul is passionate spree which shouldnot be trapped. So i realised i should free my trapped soul resulting in application for summerschool in far far farther from home in midst of Atlantic ocean. August 2016 in Azores happened with the impeccable support of the most empathetic people I ever met at “PCT trust“. The trust came forward with moral and economic support resulting in a successful 15 days  summer trip to Angra do heroismo, on a portugese Terceira island in Europe. Especially the person behind the greater motivation never uttered a question but only encouraged with lesser words and more action. The travel support from them played a great role in my confidence boost. Also the experience from this trip had a great impact on my perception towards career and life in world otherthan my hollow world I have been living in india. I realised to wideopen my cornered opinions towards the opportunity the grand world gave us. As the change of phases in life already started things fell in spiral and brought me an oppurtunity to pursue my science career at University of Oslo.

 My life taught me to never predict particular direction but only anticipate strongly. Change is inevitable whatever circumstances are only thing is to be smarter at times to be the survivor.

This crisp of my life is just to share brief trends in ones life. Everyone has theirs; be imaginative; never be trapped in momentary self satisfaction.

Mind and Attitude shaped by Science

At the heart of science is an essential balance between two seemingly contradictory attitudes—an openness to new ideas, no matter how bizarre or counterintuitive they may be, and the most ruthless skeptical scrutiny of all ideas, old and new. This is how deep truths are winnowed from deep nonsense.     ——Carl Sagan



On my way to city of destiny

Here I introduce myself to a freak of life. I always dreamt of life to be different from everyother example around me as I m scared of living combusted so aimed of living on feeding over other planets for example moon,Mars and Venus. Now at a point of my life when something worst comes up my way I m just running back to those ways which once I m scared of. So now I m finding my way back to my unknown destined in an unpredictable way by depending on a independent way. Occasionally I feel like screaming at my own people who always like peeping into my own private space where I only exist that not peekin &poke rather to stay away, dare youu peep through. Now on I m building my strength to live in my own way which I m in trench in. So for now I hoping for all goodness that almighty bless on for every other human.good night.


posted from travel to Venus from moon via mars

A Brief History of the Universe

Loved the way this briefing lined for enthusiasts to get basic idea

Explaining Science

This post covers a brief history of the Universe from the Big Bang until the the present day. This, as I am sure you’ll agree, is a pretty big topic so I can only give a outline of some of the key events and when we believed they happened. This post is the second in my series about cosmology, which is the study of the origin and evolution of the Universe as a whole. To view my previous post click here.

Before I start talking about the history of the Universe I first need to give a brief overview of atoms, which are the building blocks of all matter – with a notable exception which I will explain below.

What are atoms ? 

An atom consists of a nucleus, which has a positive electric charge, surrounded by negatively charged electrons. Atoms are very small, typically around 0.0001 microns in diameter (a micron is a…

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Do the real science still have hope to survive today

I just come to read an article in Yahoo on indian science mythology by Politicians. I have a quiet a list of questions on indian science community.
Firstly, Stop exaggerating kids may believe those shit.
Now i will ask the young indians in science. Please do comment on this::::

“BJP Must Leave Science To The Scientists We should celebrate the literary richness of ancient India. But let’s be wary of ancient texts being passed off as history and science.
By AR Hemant | Yahoo India – 19 hours ago

Narendra Modi at the Indian Science Congress


In his book The God Delusion, Richard Dawkins mentions the inner turmoil of a geologist named Kurt Wise who was torn between his scientific education and his faith.

A student of the University of Chicago and Harvard, Wise felt he could no longer accept two conflicting views about the origins of the Earth. His Christianity claimed the world was less than 10,000 years old. This contradicted his college learnings of the same subject. He had to pick a side.

One day, Wise decided to test his faith by taking a pair of scissors to his copy of the Bible. The plan was to snip out every verse that didn’t adhere to his scientific world-view. After a lot of snipping, Wise realised there wasn’t much of the book left in his hands. In this moment of clarity, he made his choice: he “tossed into the fire all my dreams and hopes in science” and became a Young Earth Creationist.


Creationists believe the universe didn’t evolve by chance but was designed by a creator—that guy we call god—less than 10,000 years ago. Creationists love historical events that match the Biblical narrative of creation. For example, evidence of ancient floods is proof of Noah’s story.

An ancient Indian spacecraftOf course, all of this has been junked as pseudo-science by the scientific community. Science puts the Earth’s age at 4.5 billion years, the universe’s age at 13.8 billion years, and going by fossil records, the age of the earliest human beings at 200,000 years.

Anybody wishing to challenge these facts may only publish his findings, have them verified and peer-reviewed, and walk away with his Nobel Prize. But that’s not how creationists like to play this game. They cry about victimisation and bullying by the scientific community that obviously sneers at their lack of critical thinking.

Yet, creationism has its sympathisers who see it as a wholesome mix of science and faith—or rather, science that isn’t at odds with their faith—even if it’s not really science.

Now, all this wouldn’t be a problem if these were views held by fringe groups who peacefully—and privately—practiced their faith. The trouble starts when such people form governments and start creating policies around their warped worldview.

This phenomenon can now be seen in India. Our new government is actively promoting ideas rooted in ancient Hindu texts. They’re thus attempting to rewrite our historical and scientific knowledge of the world. This would be alright if their ideas were backed with solid reasoning and verifiable evidence. But predictably, that never happens. Perhaps, the attempt was never to stimulate scientific thinking but simply to fan sparks of nationalism and Hindu pride.97a64740-94f6-11e4-822e-85aa2b91e38e_Capture

Sample the incidents at the Indian Science Congress. We’ve heard a union minister claim that Indians invented algebra and the Pythagoras theorem. Another commented that a helmet from the Mahabharata found its way to Mars. In the past, we’ve heard Prime Minister Narendra Modi mistake myth for fact when he talked about Karn being born outside his mother’s womb and Ganesha receiving a head transplant through an ancient plastic surgeon.

But the basket case was Anand Bodas’ presentation about Vedic astronauts who piloted spacecraft to other planets. Bodas claims these flying contraptions were all the rage in around 6,000 or 7,000 BCE. This predates the invention of the wheel (around 5,000 BCE), the invention of writing (around 3,500 BCE), and the birth of the Indus Valley civilisation (around 3,300 BCE).05d14030-94f7-11e4-b72e-37aa24915f76_Capture

That era was called the Neolithic Age—which literally means ‘the new stone age’, a period when everyone still used sticks and stones, and nobody had the slightest idea what was going on in the universe. (Here’s a more nuanced take-down of the Bodas’ laughable theory by folks at the Indian Institute of Science.)

Leave the science to the scientists. And if you must make a scientific claim, back it up with evidence. There are plenty of reasons to love Indian folklore and mythology, the stories about gods and demons, the never-ending conflicts between good and bad. We can do without the intellectual strain of believing them to be historical fact.

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(Diagrams via Indian Institute of Science) ”


Common Guys where are we, where we are travelling our feet. One should be proud of the past but dont need to stop and start trying to make feel everyone great. Its well said that indian politics are the one who destroying young minds to do science. But i partailly agree with that because young india is not even retaining in science. When everyone running behind money there is no equality left out in india. I beg Mr. Prime Minister of INDIA (the Great Bharatvarsha) to please look into the root problems rather in making statements or on staying with controversies as everybody imitating you today Especially the youngsters.

Cheers for today.
from Mars…..

Ancient sedimentary rocks in the Mawrth Vallis region, Mars

Excellent Clues to the coastal/estuarine environments

Planetary Geomorphology Image of the Month

Post by Joe Michalski, Planetary Science Institute, Tucson, Arizona, USA

On Earth, the most ancient sedimentary rock record has been largely obliterated by plate tectonics and erosion. Those that remain are from the early history of the Earth and are severely deformed and mineralogically altered. Evidence for the earliest life on Earth found within these strata is often controversial because the rocks are so severely changed from their original state.

Fig1 Image 1: Rugged, eroded terrain in the northwest portion of the image (north is up), and an eroded butte in the southeast contain rocks layered at the scale of decimeters to meters. Reddish-brown colors correspond to surfaces that are rich in nontronite – an Fe-rich smectite clay mineral. The bluish areas surrounding the butte in the central part of the image correspond to surfaces that are rich in hydrated silica and aluminous clay minerals (such as montmorillonite and kaolinite)…

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